ACSR Core Wire is a steel core wire which can be either single or stranded and is used to reinforce stranded Aluminum Conductors used in the transmission and distribution of power.

Standard Specification

ACSR Core Wires (Aluminium Conductor Steel Reinforced) are of the highest quality, conforming to ASTM B 498/B 498M-19 for Single ACSR Core Wire & ASTM B500/B500M- 12 for Stranded ACSR Core Wire (Reapproved 2018).

Specifications of BSRM ACSR Core Wires

Sizes of wires: Single Wires – 1.56, 1.68, 2.38, 2.68, 3.09, 3.15,

3.35, 3.37, 3.47, 4.77 mm

Strands – 7 X 1.57, 7 X 2.675, 7 X 3.09

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