Secure Gabion mesh is a hexagonal woven wire mesh or welded wire cage or box, filled with materials such as rocks, stones, concrete and sometimes sand. Gabion is a partially flexible block construction used for slope stability and erosion protection. Various types of gabions are constructed and used in different engineering constructions.

Mesh,mm 100X 120
Wire thickness, mm (Gauge) 2.5(12.5)
Zinc Coating, GSM Commercial
Box dimension (mtr x mtr x mtr) 2 x 1 x 1
Bundle Wt (kgs) 1200
Pcs per bundle (pcs) 100



  • Automated seaming of panels ensures structural integrity of the box/cage
  • Fine weaving and uniform cage dimensions
  • Hot dip galvanizing & waxing for bright finish
  • Lasts longer than regular Gl wires
  • Best use of innovation and technology
  • Dual-layer protection from corrosion
  • Uniform wire thickness and triple twisted wire mesh

Application :

  • Hydraulic structures
  • Coastal work such as construction of groynes, coastal revetments and seawalls
  • River training & flood control
  • Military fortifications
  • Landslides
  • Retaining structures, retaining walls, revetments & toe walls to embankments & cutting
  • Erosion prevention structures such as sea walls, riverbanks, defenses, canal banks, dams, weirs
  • Noise barriers and temporary flood walls

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