Low Relaxation Pre-stressed Concrete Steel Wires & Strands conform to Global Standards like ASTM A416/ A416M, ASTM A421, JIS 3536, BS 5896, IS 14268, etc. LRPC Strands are utilized in the construction of pre-stressed concrete girders for roads, rivers, and railway bridges, in PT Slabs of High-rise buildings, flyovers, slabs, domes, silos, and hangers. LRPC Wires are used in railway sleepers, PC poles for power transmission & distribution, PC piles for massive foundation works, etc.

Specifications of Combined LRPC WIRE & Strand Line:

LRPC Strand: 9.53, 12.70 and 15.2 mm (7 ply)

LRPC Wire dia: 6, 7, 8 and 9mm

BSRM Wires uses the latest State of the Art technology, maintaining global standards in manufacturing for LRPC wires, introduced for the first time in Bangladesh.

  1. Anti-rust oil coating
  2. Descaling, electro pickling, phosphating & lime coating of wire rods
  3. Controlled heating & cooling with tensioning of wire rods

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