Barbed Wire is a type of GI Wire fencing solution at a very competitive cost to protect property. It is manufactured with sharp edges or points at regular intervals along the stand. Barbed wire requires only fencing posts to do the fencing at the cheapest cost. It is simple to construct, quick to erect and easy to install by a semi-skilled person. It also provides safety to crop fields from cattle, other animals and other unwanted mischiefs.

Type IOWA Type Reverse Twisted
Quality Standard  Commercial Commercial
Size, Gauge SWG 12X12, 12.5×12.5, 14X14 SWG 16×16
Pitch, inch 3/3.5/4/4.5/5 3/3.5/4/5/6
Wire Tensile strength 450 N/mm2- 550 N/mm2 Line : 900 -1000 N/mm2

Barb:  450 -550 N/mm2

Per coil Wt, kg max 25 25

Features : 

  • Hot dip galvanized & waxing for bright finish
  • Lasts longer than regular GI wire.
  • Best of innovation and technology.
  • Better protection against rusting, ensuring longevity.
  • Uniform wire thickness with longer barbs at a uniform distance.
  • Quality control at every step of manufacturing.
  • Handle with every bundle for easy handling.


  • Agricultural and husbandry fencing
  • Security fencing of Govt. project and Industrial Sector
  • Electrical switchyard
  • Military camps and law enforcing agency
  • International border
  • Prison barriers

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