BSRM Secure PVC Coated Wire is galvanized or made of black wire coating. The galvanized wire keeps the steel corrosion and rust proof and the PVC coating ensures the durability of the wire. This provides the wire with the necessary protection so that it can be used in rough environments with acidic soil, water and salted water. The wire is very renowned for its low price, elasticity, flame-resistance and high insulation. It lasts longer than regular GI wires as it is corrosion resistant and has anti-ageing features. BSRM uses virgin standard PVC to manufacture the wires.

Wire Dia, mm 2.0 to 4.00
Tensile strength 500 MPA – 650 MPA
Zinc Coating Commercial
PVC Coating 0.5 mm
Packing As per customer requirement


  • UV protected¬† PVC
  • Hot dip galvanized & waxing for bright finish
  • Lasts longer than regular GI wire.
  • Best of innovation and technology.
  • Multi-layer of protection from corrosion
  • Uniform wire thickness
  • Excellent aesthetic exposure


  • Forestry protection
  • Animal breeding
  • Hanger
  • Wet cloth hanging wire
  • Construction of chain link fence

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